7 Organic Hair Growth Serum 30ml

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7 organic Hair  serum is a lightweight oil that promotes hair growth, antibreakage and shines your hair. The oil does not overburden your hair as it is very light.

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  • 7 organic Hair  serum is a lightweight oil that promotes hair growth, antibreakage and shines your hair. The oil does not overburden your hair as it is very light. It promotes blood circulation on your scalp allowing nutrients to be adsorbed into the hair follicles, preventing dandruff build up, dry scalp and enforcing good nutrients to be fully used and promote hair growth. 7  organic hair serum does not take long to start working, within 2 week you should start seeing the results. This serum was created after losing hair due to chemotherapy. After 2 months l observed a visible growth and my hair stopped falling off, my Doctor asked me what am doing to prevent my hair from being damaged l couldn’t tell him, it was a secret. I want to share now this benefit to the world, if your hair has stopped growing, dry scalp, dandruff and your not experiencing any volume changes try this oil and be ready to testify, it wont disappoint you.

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41 reviews for 7 Organic Hair Growth Serum 30ml

  1. Kamalita

    Wow this serum is part of my line, l don’t know why l wasted my money on useless products that never really work. I recommend.

  2. Seun O

    An excellent product. This serum is very good especially if you have a scalp that consistently suffers from dehydration. Smells nice and doesn’t feel heavy at all on my hair. Good for relaxed hair. Excellent customer service. Prompt delivery too.

  3. Claire

    Am here because l believe this product is under priced, this product has given my hair its life back, l stumbled this product at a show in Newport and l could not believe the hair this girl has, l started using it and am not thinking of stopping anytime soon. Even me a caucasian woman l struggled with my hair.

  4. Cathy Keaton

    Woow!!! woow!! am obsessed this 7 Organic hair growth serum
    I’ve used it for about a month now and can early notice a difference, my hair has new growth, I think consistence is the key. Would highly recommend to others who have fine hair or going through the menopause and losing hair like me, hormonal changes has ruined my hair, lost confidence but now that l see my hair is growing l have hope.
    I used of a night and then leave in over night and wash the following day for pre-poo shampoo and conditioner and as leave in.
    You can leave in for a few hours it up to you how you want to use
    And I use 2/3 times week
    That again up to you how many times you want to use it, thank you this is changing my life.

  5. Jay G

    This product really works I have always had thick long hair but due to the medication i was on had side effects like brittle and thinning the hair,since I started using this product my thick hair is back and not breaking at all,will definitely be buying this product

  6. Mache Jennifer Jay Jay

    Same here… for some reason my hair was weak and just wanted to get rid of it till i tried this… hair oil and chebe works alot… wil send pic after bath.

  7. Miso Mimi

    Ladies, sharing is caring. Try this, and see for yourself. My hair has grown thicker and I have noticed new growth in different places especially the ages. l was one of doubters, l just say let me try. Now I wish I had started using this ages ago. I have tried so many products different ones on my hair, this is the only one I can say works and it doesn’t take long to notice some difference on your hair. I don’t know if it will work on yours, but it’s definitely working on mine.

  8. Melissa Kagoro

    I have bought this numerous times for my loved ones and they all love it. It works.

  9. Claude

    Love the product , my hair is healthier than ever ! I have experienced a massive growth since I am using it.

  10. Asante

    Been using the oil for a while although i have not been very consistent. My hair had lost its thickness over the years. Within a short time of using, my hair is getting thicker and growing really fast as i had cut it.very short. I now bought a lot more bottles and will be using on my my daughter’s hair as well.

  11. Ruth

    The best hair serum,my hair wasn’t growing and was very thin and unhealthy ,kept cutting it but since I started using this serum, am loving my hair. Its very healthy,thick and long. Its easier to braid and lovely to touch. This serum is part of my weekly skin care routine now.

  12. Liz Mbewe

    I can’t thank you enough this oil is magic, after long time I have my hairline back . I have fallen in love with this oil

  13. Busie

    Had an amazing experience at 7 organic. Hair treatment was 10/10 my hair loved all the care given to it and I will definitely go back in 6 weeks time All good value for money

  14. Ethel

    All l can say is that, l finally found something that works, my problem was my hair stop growing and was experiencing hair loss, don’t know maybe age or contraceptives, but l had some bold patches, a friend recommended this serum and since l started using it been 2 months now the patch has hair growth and my hair has stopped falling. l recommend this serum, if you want something worthy the money and something that really works this is the deal.

  15. Chifundo

    l saw the advert for this hair serum, at first l wasn’t sure because there’s so much out there claiming to work, however one day l said l will take the risk and l have never regretted my decision, my goodness my hair has massive growth, l wish l could send a picture, ooog my god, its like a dream come true. l recommend this hair serum like 200%.

  16. Tadala

    Thank you for assuring me that l will definitely see the results, partly to be honest l had doubts but l can testify my hair looks do healthy, its thick and l have seen the growth within 5 weeks of using it as instructed. l will continue to use this oil until l get my hair to my shoulders. Am also using it on my kid and her hair has grown soooo much. Thank you, its really a miracle oil.

  17. Florence

    Thanks this oil saved my hair, l was about to chop all of my hair, l came across this oil, l started using and within 6 weeks my hair became strong and for the first time l saw a massive growth. l also use the serum during steaming, my hair is natural but am loving it now.

  18. Mulisa Sebageni

    Thank you for your oil! l managed to use some last night and really liked how it felt. Will stick to this oil for now

  19. taku85

    Good customer service. Am here to see the product’ s effect after few weeks.

  20. Hilda

    Have tried so many hair products to help get my hair looking thicker and healthier as it’s my biggest insecurity! This serum is genuinely the best product I have ever come across. Been using it for a month and my hair line and parting are so much thicker and healthier looking, really helped me get back my self-confidence. 100% best hair serum.

  21. Fanny K

    Very fast delivery, the product is what it is ,does what it says. My hair couldnt grow but after a week of using the serum my baby hair has started showing growth worthy the money will be ordering more for family and friends

  22. Pam

    Only been using this product a few days but my hair already feels thicker and softer. Will definitely be purchasing again

  23. Amanda

    Well I’ve been using the 7 Organic hair growth serum for 3 months! It’s made a huge difference … people have noticed and commented as to how much thicker and longer my hair is. I was getting absolutely paranoid about it! Hairdresser commented too and is passing on your info as I have, its worthy the money than the other serum lve used in the past.

  24. Chimwemwe G

    The product is working well for me and I can see new hair growth and this has also been confirmed by my hairdresser

  25. Dylarya

    Prompt Delivery, many thanks!

  26. Oritsejolone Nelly Tametah

    Very good oil

  27. Lin Masawi

    During the Covid-19 lockdown I became crazy from being home alone and self isolating so I decided to chop all my hair off then when the time to go back to work came, I started regretting it. I really needed a quick solution to grow my hair, especially the hairline. Just as well I had the conversation with the right person who introduced me to 7 organic oil. I for one saw the results on her hair so I did not hesitate to try it for myself. It has worked wonders for me and my hair has gained volume so much that my friends have asked me what I am using. Now the 5 of us are now using it. Thank you 7 organic oil I can’t wait to rock my Afro this summer!

  28. Sandra Lyne

    During the Covid-19 lockdown I got crazy from being home alone isolating so I chopped all my hair off then came the time to go back to work I started regretting it. I really need a quick solution to grow my hair, especially the hairline. Just as well I had the conversation with the right person who introduced me to 7 organic oil. I for one saw the on her hair so I did not hesitate to try it for myself. It has worked wonders for me and my hair has gained volume so much that my friends have asked me what I am using and the 5 of us are now using it. Thank you 7 organic oil I can’t wait to rock my Afro this summer!

  29. Peter

    I had problems with dry hair and slow growth, after using 7 organic serum for 1 month my hair is now so soft all the time and the growth is incredible and no hair loss when I comb through. I would recommend this oil.

  30. Chidinma Arinze

    I can attest that this oil works, and it works fast. I can be impatient, complicated when it comes to the hair product used on my daughter. No lie: 7 Organic hair growth Serum, made my daughter hair wishes come true in less than a month. The oil trickles down from the root to tip, caressing each cuticle with essential multivitamins that promote stronger, longer strands.

  31. Lizzy

    The best hair serum ever. My hair line back to normal in just two weeks . My hair is growing so quick as well, after I noticed rapid growth on my hair now i started applying on my eye brows and eye lids, girl! this is a must have . I love my eye brows thick and I’m noticing a huge huge change . Thank you so much.

  32. Lydia

    Amazing hair serum, does exactly what it says 2 months in, my hair is super soft, thick and strong.
    Thank you 7 Organic Hair Oil

  33. Mercy M (verified owner)

    Thank you my locks are not breaking anymore and my daughters hair has grown so much. I can definitely recommend this serum.
    Thank you 7 Organic Oils.

  34. Maya

    The best Serum, since l started l have never looked back my hair has grown so long and thick
    Thank you for bringing this serum to my life.

  35. Ladyagape (verified owner)

    Back in Nov 2021, my hair dresser recommended 7 organic serum as my head is over sensitive after using the serum l managed to keep braids for 2 straight weeks which is a great achievement , l dont have a picture but will start keeping a diary. l bought my next bottle in January 2022 and my scalp stopped flaking and my hair stopped breaking.
    Thank you 7

  36. Joey Kaoloka

    A+! Thanks! Fast shipping, great quality product, and will call again. thank you!

  37. Angela

    Excellent, love the fragrance of it and it is easy to use.

  38. Kate

    All I can say is wow. I’ve been loosing my hair for many years due to medication and have used many MANY products. This is the only one that has made a real difference. Will definitely purchase again.

  39. Ethel (verified owner)

    I got addicted to this serum, my hair is growing at a fast rate, am so excited l wish l knew about this serum long ago. It has changed my confidence, l dont wear wigs anymore am locking my afro like a queen.

  40. Towera

    Ooooh my God, my hair has grown in just a few weeks. Where was this serum 2 months ago, l was so depressed wanted to chop my hair, this serum has changed my life.
    Thank you, thank you.

  41. Sharon M (verified owner)

    I was going through chemotherapy and my hair was falling off and thinning, my hair dresses introduced to 7 organic hair growth serum, after a month of using it my hair was strong and thick, now l have a very big afro my hair has grown so much in just few month.
    Thank you 7 Organic Oils.

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