7 organic hair growth serum has been created to provide a products that specifically cater to all hair types including afro textured hair, permed, and coloured hair, without the use of high levels of harmful chemicals. we ensure that our products are affordable without sacrificing on the premium quality.

our products focus on promoting hair growth, moisturising and repairing dry, damage hair using natural, plant based ingredients. we use and range of the best high quality, raw organic ingredients such as raw shea butter from ghana, lavender, amla powder, vetiver oil, chebe powder, moringa powder, rosemary oil, sweet almond oil, and other brand secrets oils.

we have a team that hand make our products in small batches before packaging and shipping them out.


We Are A Cruelty Free, Socially Conscious Brand Which Provides High Quality, Affordable Products That Stimulates Follicles And Infuse Moisture Into The Hair. We Educate Our Customers On The Benefits Of Non-Toxic Beauty And Inspire Healthier Self-Care Habits.

Our Vision Is To Create A Worldwide Movement Of Total Hair Care From The Inside Out, For All.

A woman’s hair is the crown of her glory!

1 Corinthians 11:15


After struggling with loss of hair due to chemotherapy in 2017 Ivy decided to carrying out tons of research into healthy hair care practices and natural ingredient’s 100% chemical free, and embark on a new natural hair journey. It wasn’t easy at first seeing your hair on the pillow every day.

Ivy then experienced severe postpartum hair loss after her last chemotherapy session, She Prayed And Asked God For Wisdom. After several concoction of natural oils in an attempt to solve the issue and save her thinning hairline. She soon began to see massive improvements and the success of this coupled with her passion for creating her own natural hair products, inspired her to launch her own beauty brand in 2021 during the lockdown, naming the brand 7 Organic hair growth serum after 7 Ingredient’s that she found useful.


7 organic hair oils is against animal testing on all our cosmetic products and ingredients. We have never tested on animals and do not use cosmetic materials that contain animal derivatives.

Our 7 organic Hair Growth serum, foot oil, Chebe powder and hibscus oil for kids are 100% vegan and registered with The Vegan Society.

The rest of our range is 100% ethically sourced and produced without harming animals.

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